Čeština (Česká republika)


Thorax (Download)

The thorax is a cone-shaped and is bounded by the spinal vertebrae in the back, lateral ribs and the sternum in the front. Chest creates a protective box for the heart, lungs and other thoracic organs. Is connected to the shoulder girdle and upper limb and provides a place for many back muscles, neck, chest and shoulders.

Costae (Download)

Costae are attached behind to the thoracic vertebrae head. The spinal vertebrae are 12 pairs of costae reconciled with 7 of them, in other words, true costae are attached by cartilage to the sternum. Another 3 pairs with their cartilages attached to seventh pair of cartilage, called false costae. And the last 2 pairs of costae are free, ending the abdominal wall muscles. Costae, thoracic vertebrae and sternum together, chest.