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Right lower limb

Lower limb

Lower limb carry the entire weight of an upright body and transmit large forces which acting during jump of run. Therefore, the leg bones are stronger and bulkier than the corresponding bones of the upper limb. Leg has three sections - the thigh, leg and foot.

Femur (Download)

Femur is the thigh bone of the thigh. It is the largest and strongest bone in the body. Its stable structure corresponds to the fact that it bears the burden of 280 kilograms per centimeter square.

Patella (Download)

Patella is a triangular bone stored in the quadriceps muscle of thigh tendon that connects the front of the fibula bone. It protects the knee joint in the front and improves leverage thigh muscles going over knee.


Crus is a sign of the lower limb between the knee and ankle. Crus skeleton consists of two parallel bones, the tibia and fibula bones. The tibia is more massive than fibula and medially lies from her. These two bones are joined to each other above and below.

Tibia (Download)

Tibia holds the body weight, which it is transmitted from the femur and transmits it to the leg. As for the size and length, followed right behind the femur.

Fibula (Download)

Fibula is a thin bone surrounded with two ends. At the upper end of the header and the lower end of the outer ankle is.