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Right upper limb

Upper limb

The skeleton of the upper limb is composed of 30 bones. They are grouped into the arm, forearm and hand.

Humerus (Download)

The largest and longest bone of the upper extremity is connected with the shoulder and shoulder blade bones radius and ulna (forearm bone) at the elbow. On the upper (proximal) end is rounded humeral head (caput). Below the humeral head is narrow constriction known anatomical neck. Below him on the outside and a big bump on the inside of a small hump.

Ulna (Download)

Ulna bone which is slightly longer than the radius bone, is mainly involved in the articular connection with the humerus. Looks like a spanner. On whose upper end are two prominent spurs and arm muscles. Below the elbow bone narrows and concludes with the banner pin shape.

Radius (Download)

Radius bone is thin at its upper end and extending downward, i.e. that is the opposite than in the arm bone. Header radius bone is shaped as a spool of thread. The upper surface of the head is concave and connects with the humerus.